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Rudolph has been kidnapped! With Christmas round the corner Santa needs to focus on finishing his parcel delivery list and make sure everything is all set for the delivery. The identity of the kidnapper is still unknown and Santa has no time to investigate. He needs your help!

He suspects that the kidnapper might be someone who has been put on his naughty list.
Santa has gathered all evidence and clues from Rudolph’s barn and his own office and has put it all inside a box. He has delivered the box to you. Santa’s naughty list can only be accessed by those who are on the nice list and have obtained a good behavior card!

Can you beat all the challenges and clues and unlock the box? You need to find the identity of the kidnapper!

*Full Disclosure: This game is an adaptation of Santa’s Cabin Real Life Escape Room.

What are Portable Escape Room Boxes?

Portable Escape Rooms, also referred to as “Escape Boxes” are self-contained, immersive experiences, which can be taken to any location. No logistical set-up is required. All you need is an empty room, a table and a team of people ready to solve a mystery.

Why Portable Escape Rooms?

Portable Escape Rooms compress all the benefits of a traditional escape room within a box. You will test communication skills, working together towards common objectives and solving different types of puzzles and tasks from the safety of your location. On top of all that, it’s super fun! It’s like a board game but with real props and padlocks! The game can be set-up anywhere…the magic starts as soon as you open it.

How does it work?

Get in touch with us to select a date and time to rent the box. Boxes are rented twice a day, morning (till around 4pm) and evenings (from 6pm). In case of evening bookings, the box can be returned the morning after provided this will not clash with other bookings. You can choose to pick up the box and bring it back to South of Malta at no extra charge, or else you can opt for our delivery and pick-up service at an extra cost of €10.00 each way (up to Mosta). There is also the option to have a Can You Escape? – Malta staff member attending your event, allowing you to play multiple back-to-back games within the same rent as the staff member resets and sanitizes the box between groups. Contact us for booking and further info!


Santa’s Box

Game Duration

90 Minutes

# of players

2 – 6 Players (16+)

Ideal For

  • Home Use / Nights In
  • Office / Workplace Team Events
  • Conferences / Seminars
  • Schools
  • Birthday Parties

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