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“Four special gemstones were stolen from Malta’s National Museum in the late 1800s.
The prime suspect is the Degabriele family.
Plenty of explorers have tried researching the Degabriele’s abandoned castle before but nobody ever emerged alive.
It appears that the soul of Mr. Degabriele still surveilles the castle.
Rumour has it that there is no way to escape unless the 4 gems are retrieved.
You only have 60 minutes. Otherwise, you might end up like the previous explorers…”

– 18+ or majority of adults required
– No earrings, no high heels, no babies (especially if still in your tummy)
– Average mobility is required
– Not recommended for first timers

Previous explorers of the Forbidden Castle say that...

Success Rate


Average Time



1. Kasill 34:45
2. Party Gang 35:30
3. DANK 36:29

Can You Escape?

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